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Welcome to Trailblazer Entrepreneur Coaching

The Trailblazer Program helps holistic entrepreneur's to network, collaborate, manifest, and learn the tools to help grow and expand your business. 

Trailhead Trailblazers: A Community Membership for Healing Arts Practitioners

Why Join? Our Mission at the Trailhead Center is to form a “trailhead” for the community that will serve as a guide and an impetus to a healthy, sustainable way of life; provide rejuvenation, relaxation, personal growth and well-being; and a preventative solution to modern disease. As a healing arts practitioner, business owner, artist, or supporter, membership promotes these values as well as promoting individual businesses, workshops, classes, or community events. The level of involvement in our Center is dependent on the type of membership chosen. Our Solution: A Multi-Practice Approach to Alternative Health In response to the substantial and growing market for complementary and alternative medicine, and a growing interest in overall health and wellness, The Trailhead Center has created a solution that offers a full menu of alternative healing products and services. Going a step further, Trailhead will position itself as an authority on alternative health. It will also educate the community on alternative practices and promote adoption of holistic practices for wellness, countering the wealth of misinformation and confusion that exists in this less-regulated, emerging field. We will provide a “membership community” in which practitioners and businesses can promote their business and educate our clients. This community will be on-site and virtual. Through our website, • We will advertise our members and allow them to publish articles or blogs that our clients can browse and subscribe to. • We will have available for download a directory of providers, taking the guesswork out of finding a product or service. • The Center will also have a community calendar where members can post events. We will hold a yearly annual bazaar, featuring practitioners and products that support our mission. • We will also represent our members and solicit clients through various off-site health fairs and community events. • We will be strictly enforcing our membership community, bringing in those individuals that are certified, qualified experts in their field. 

Basic Membership

 $10 per month.  
Monthly Manifestation Meet-ups. 
Focused Discussion  
Round table Discussion/Networking

Creative Membership

$20 per month. 
Monthly Manifestation Meet-ups. 
Trailhead Sponsored Artist - Ability to submit articles and creative pieces in our online newsletter.
Ability to have your art or creative pieces displayed at our center for display and/or purchase. 
Trailhead receives 15% on each sale.

Premium Membership

For those who take appointments at or rent from THE301)

$30 per month. 
Weekly Manifestation Meet-ups. 

Listing in our directory. This directory is updated regularly online and available for download from our website.

Listing in THE301 Practitioner Directory and Menu of Services. 

Ability to post classes, workshops, and events on our online community calendar. 

A premium member feature on the front page of our website. This feature will include one photo and a description of your services or products that help promote a healthier lifestyle for individuals or the environment. This feature will change monthly. 

Ability to have your classes, workshops, and events advertised through our marketing email service and on our website.

Marketing Assistance. We will help with social media campaigns, resume writing, maximizing your advertising dollars, and brainstorming. 

Listing on our promotional materials at community events and health fairs that we attend throughout the year. You know how tedious and difficult it can be to man those all-day events…what a time saver it would be to have someone there doing that for you. 

Reduced vendor rates for our annual “Healing Arts Bazaar.”

Reduced workshop rates.


Manifestation Meet-Ups

A manifestation meetup for Trailblazers in the holistic health field to visualize goals for the coming week, month, or year. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, network, and share ideas. Meetings will begin with a short, targeted meditation and discussion followed by unstructured networking time. If unable to attend in person, supply an email to request a recap of the meeting. 

Mondays, 11 am - 12 pm
 Mar 23, 2020 
Apr 20, 2020
May 18, 2020


 Our directory is published and updated regularly online and printed once a year. This directory will be available at our location, locations throughout town, and at all of the community events, health fairs, etc. that we attend throughout the year. Opportunities are available to feature your business in an advertisement in the directory. 

Healing Arts Bazaar

Our annual “Healing Arts Bazaar” will take place each summer and feature local individuals and business that promote our mission by their services or products. This open-air fair will provide maximum exposure and afford you the opportunity to discuss your services and/or products to a large number of people.

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